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Automation Containers EUROTEC

The EUROTEC automation containers have been designed specifically for use on all major storage and conveyor systems.

The EUROTEC has a number of interfaces for robotic handling. Recessed handles and handle slots also allow for manual handling of the container.

The reinforced base variants of the EUROTEC with the slightly recessed base means that floor flexing is virtually non existent even with a heavy filling weight.


There are numerous different variants of the EUROTEC automation containers available In order to ensure there is a design compatible with most storage and conveyor systems.

Features on the EUROTEC automation containers include:

- U-channel- This is a continuous indentation in the upper part of the sidewalls. This interface allows gripper arms to move the container into a specified position

- Label frames- integrated in the long and short side. Dimensions for labels;212 x80 mm (from 170 mm container height)

- Double walled corners

- Horizontal take up- This is four cylindrical openings in the upper rim of the sidewalls. The container can be lifted automatically with round bars inserted into these openings.

- Lower pulling channel- This is an opening in the lower rim of the short sides of the container. This interface allows the conveyor system to push or pull the container.

- Vertical take-up – This is an opening in the upper rim of the container. This enables a conveyor device to lift the container.

- Grip sleeve- this is an indentation in the sidewall of the container close to the corner area. This interface allows the grip sleeves to push or pull the container into position.