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Collapsible Pallet Boxes KLAPA

Utz KLAPA pallet boxes are collapsible, heavy duty containers, with a pallet base.

They are sometime also known as FLC (foldable large containers) bulk containers, foldable pallet containers or heavy load containers.

These bulk containers are easy to manoeuvre on either a pallet truck or a fork truck. There are different base variants, including 3 or 5 runners, feet or castors. Some of these foldable pallet boxes can be stacked on top of each other, depending on the base variant, when being used and also when they have been collapsed down, allowing for a significant reduction of space required to store.

Each side wall of the KLAPA can be completely folded down by an easy to use mechanism. Because of this it is possible to save 70% of space when transporting or storing empty containers.

Most of the FLC KLAPA range also has an access opening on the sidewalls that allows for easy access to the contents of the container. This can help with health and safety procedures as it reduces the risk of injury from overstretching.

These heavy duty foldable containers have a maximum weight capacity of up to 500 kg.