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A product idea becomes reality

Virtual oder real?

At the beginning there is always the idea. So that this doesn’t just remain a vague concept we work with you on a requirements specification. Based on the requirements laid down our designers will produce technical drawings. From these, 3D representations can be developed to give you your first impression of the finished product from any perspective.

3D display

Technical drawings form the basis of further development. This results in three-dimensional displays which enable an initial introduction of the future product.

Rapid prototyping

Within a short time, details of the planned load carrier can be realised as a sample based on the technical drawing.

Using a special plastic material, we can prototype the contours of a cavity to check the model against the part prior to finalising the design and ordering the tool.

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Modelling - Model production

To get a little closer to reality we will, if required, build a full model of the planned product. With this type of prototype it is easy to check whether everything has actually been thought of.

Intermediate stage - Tool making

Once the tool is loaded into the machine and the exciting moment of producing the first sample run begins. Perhaps then a couple of small alterations will still be necessary; once the tool is released everything runs like clockwork.

A little time and patience is needed before the tool is ready–making an injection moulding tool from steel is much more time consuming than working on an aluminium tool when thermoforming the product holders.

When all queries are finally cleared up, the tool can be made. We have our own tool-making facilities so that we can fall back on our own experts in as many intermediate stages as possible.

Serial production

Serial production can start once the tool has been approved by the customer after sampling. Containers, product holders or pallets are automatically taken off the machine, stacked, packed and dispatched.