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Custom solutions - from the Idea to the Product

Sometimes the requirements needed for the individual are so extensive that a completely new idea is needed. When this is the case we develop a product a product tailored exactly to the customer's requirements. 

The Idea

All requirements related to the planned product are summarised in specifications within the framework of an extensive checklist.


Technical drawings form the basis of further development. These result in three- dimensional displays which gives us an idea of what the future product will look like.

Rapid Prototyping

Based on the technical drawings, details of the planned load carrier can be produced as rapid prototyping samples within a very short period of time. 

Model Production

In order to ensure that everything is accurate we will also produce a model of the planned load carrier.

Tool Constructions

We have our own tool making facilities so that we can rely on our own experts in as many intermediate stages as possible.

Mass Production 

Mass production can start once the tool has been approved by the customer after sampling.  

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