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ESD Products

ESD products prevent electronic products against electrostatic charge. Utz offers a wide range of products to protect against electrostatic charge.


Injection Moulded ESD

Electronic components should be transported and stored in containers or on pallets made of electrically conductive plastic in order to protect against electrostatic discharge.  

Our range of products that can be manufactured using ESD material include the RAKO stacking containers, KLT automotive containers, automation containers EUROTEC, attached lid containers, space saving containers including nestable containers, stack nest containers and foldable boxes. There is also the option for the SILAFIX picking bins to be produced in ESD material.

Certain pallets are also available in ESD material.


Thermoforming ESD

Electronic components can be damaged by electrostatic discharges. To protect against such damage, electronic assembly parts are often transported or stored in thermoformed component holders made of electronically conductive plastic.