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Foldable & Collapsible Containers

Foldable and collapsible containers are a perfect space saving solution for any application where empty containers need to be stored or transported.

The foldable and collapsible containers can be securely and neatly stacked when open and folded or collapsed down.

There are many benefits to using foldable or collapsible containers to distribute and store goods. The reduction in space required for empty containers allows a significant reduction in transport and storage costs.

Foldable Containers

Utz foldable containers are available in the standard dimensions 400x300mm 600x400mm and 800x600mm. There are several different locking variants for the foldable containers including rectangular locking, circular locking, opening tag and finally foldable container without lock. Each variant works in a slightly different way. Rectangular locking works by using 4 fingers to lift the rectangular closure mechanism to lift the short walls. Once this has been done the long walls can be folded down.

Circular locking is similar to rectangular locking. By applying light pressure to the lock mechanism the sidewalls are unlocked and can be folded. The long walls of the container are then folded down in the same way.

In the case of a foldable box with opening tag there is no lock but the short sides of the container can be folded by either pushing the outside of the sidewall inwards so that it folds up or by lifting the opening tag located inside the container.

On the foldable containers that have no locking mechanism the sidewalls are only connected to the upper frame but not to the order to fold the sidewalls, they have to be pushed from the outside.

Lids are available for the foldable containers. There is a choice between hinged lids and loose lids. The hinged lids are in two halves and the loose lid is one complete lid. There are two different types of hinged lids available. They can be attached to either the long wall or the short walls of the container.

Once the containers have been folded down they are virtually flat reducing the size of the container by up to 25% of their original size.


Collapsible Containers

Utz Collapsible containers are available in the standard dimensions 600x400mm and 800x600mm. There are different variants available for the base and handle design. These include solid base, ribbed base, base with drainage holes, double base for extra stability and handle slots, handle slot with lugs and shell handles. A hinged lid is also available for the collapsible containers if required.

The sidewalls of the collapsible boxes are joined together by a lock in the upper edge of the container. In order to collapse the container down a light pressure needs to be applied to a plastic spring mechanism. This opens the lock on the box and the sidewalls can be collapsed down and placed on top of each other.

This reduces the size of the container by up to 20%.