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Material Handling Solutions for the Retail Industry

Within the retail industry companies are always trying to optimise their logistics process, whether it is picking items for orders from their warehouses, transporting it on conveyor systems or delivering goods to stores.

George Utz have various solutions for reusable packaging within the retail sector, from automation containers for automated distribution centres to pallets and pallet boxes.


Stacking containers

Utz Stacking containers are ideal for storage and distribution in the retail industry. With numerous versions of the containers available companies are able to select the variant which best suits their needs.


Automation containers

Utz automation containers have been designed in a way that they are suitable for use on all conventional conveyor and automation systems. With various location points for robots to manoeuvre the container within the system and handles for manual handling these containers are ideal for large distribution warehouses.


Foldable and collapsible containers

In the retail industry companies sometimes have to transport empty containers back to their warehouse once goods have been delivered. In order to reduce the space and transport costs Utz collapsible and foldable containers are an ideal solution.


Pallet Boxes 

Utz pallet boxes make it easy to transport goods both within the warehouse and when transporting externally. The pallet base means that these large goods containers can be moved easily with a pallet truck or fork track and can be stacked in racking.



Utz transport dollies can transport loads of several hundred kilos quickly and easily. This can help optimise processes as more goods can be transported at one time.



Utz have hundreds of variants of plastic pallets, with different base versions and the option of reinforced pallets for extra strength, there is a solution for any company within the retail sector.   


In order to optimise meet with individual customer requirements any of our product range can be adapted or completely new ideas can be designed.