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Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have key advantages; they have a constant unladen weight, are robust and durable and have a longer life span than wooden pallets.

Utz designed and manufactures a variety of different plastic pallets for several different applications and industries.

The different types of plastic pallets that Utz can offer are outlined below:


The UPAL- I pallet has been specifically designed for use on automatic conveyor systems without a special pallet carrier. The special design extends the service life of the UPAL- I pallet and reduces operating costs as there is practically no wear.

There are various versions of this plastic pallet available including 3 runner, 5 runner and 9 feet, as well as steel reinforcements and anti-slip pads if required.  


The UPAL-H plastic pallet is a fully closed hygiene pallet. Because of the fully closed deck they are easy to clean and offer no basis for the accumulation of dirt or bacteria. This makes these pallets ideal for the food industry and clean room sector. Steel reinforcements are also available allowing the pallets to be stacked in high rack warehousing.


The universal pallets UPAL-U are suitable for use on roller conveyors. When fitted with steel reinforcements they are also suitable for high rack warehousing. Thanks to the low weight of this plastic pallet, and two handle slots in the top deck, they are very well suited for manual handling.


The UPAL-D are plastic display pallets for use at point of sale. These pallets have been designed with slots and guides that allow cardboard displays to be simply and easily locked in place.