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Reusable Containers

Well-designed reusable containers simplify the packaging process significantly, thereby reducing the corresponding handling costs. Since returnable containers generally are more stable - because only then their longevity is assured - they provide better protection for the transported goods, thereby preventing transport damage.

 A selection of our reusable containers:

Euro containers RAKO
The RAKO is a universal reusable plastic container, which is widely used because of its variety in the fields of storage and transport.

Foldable containers
Foldable containers can be reduced by 25% of their standard size, allowing space saving of up to 82%. This allows transport costs to be reduced accordingly.  

Stack/Nest container NESCO
NESCO containers are nestable space-saving containers that can be stacked on special bail arms or on the lid.
When nested there is a volume reduction of up to 80%.

The POOLBOX, an innovative reusable containers ideal for the safe shipment of goods by post.

Hazardous Goods Containers GGVSE
Hazardous Goods Containers GGVSE are packages that are approved after extensive testing and regulatory approval for the storage and transport of dangerous goods by road.