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Stacking Containers

Stacking containers are ideal for the transport or storage of goods. These returnable containers can be found in almost all industry areas.
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ALC & Space-saving Containers

Our space saving containers can dramatically improve the efficiency of transporting and storing empty containers once they have been used. 
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Collapsible Boxes / Foldable Boxes

Foldable boxes can be reduced by up to 20% of their original size. Therefore these space-saving containers are especially useful for shipments which require the empty containers to be collected from previous deliverie...
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Plastic Cases

Our plastic cases are made up of a RAKO stacking container, hinged lid and are fitted with either one or two case handles. Foam inserts or insert containers can also be placed inside making it an ideal tool case or su...
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Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have countless advantages over wooden pallets. They have a constant tare weight, are robust and resilient, have a longer life than wooden pallets and are particularly stable and also suitable for high rack ...
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Pallet Boxes

There are foldable pallet boxes, such as the KLAPA or the VDA-GLT or rigid containers such as the PALOXE. These large containers are mainly based on the ISO dimensions, but there are also containers with smaller basic dime...
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Often, heavily loaded plastic containers have to be manually transported within a company due to the internal operational procedures. On our load bearing transport dollies, loads of up to several hundred kilos can be trans...
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ESD Products

Our ESD products (Electro Static Discharge) protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge. The plastic products  are in accordance with the VDA 4504 and are based on EN 61340thOur ESD products (Electro St...
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Picking Bins

Our Utz SILAFIX picking bins are perfect for organising and separating small parts.  
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Automation Containers EUROTEC

Further Products

Customised containers are our speciality. If there is nothing suitable from our extensive standard range then together with you, we can develop a product designed exactly to your requirements. Whether it is products f...
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In this section you will find our current offers for selected products from our range.
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