Virtual or real?


At the beginning there is always the idea. So this doesn’t just remain a vague concept we work with you on required specification.


Based on the requirements laid down our designers will produce technical drawings.


From these, 3D representations can be developed to give you your first impression of the finished product from any perspective.


To get a little closer to reality we will, if required, build a model of the planned product. With this type of prototype it is easy to check whether everything has actually been thought of.




Upon customer request, we also produce a 1:1 model of the planned product. However, such a model is much more expensive in every respect than a detail sample in the rapid prototyping process.


Rapid prototyping


Within a short time, details of the planned product can be realised as a sample based on the technical drawing.


The cavities of a component holder are applied in layers with a special plastic material. this means that the accuracy of the contours of the component holders can be checked by a model in a very short period of time.


Tool making


When all queries are finally cleared up, the tool can be made. We have our own tool making facilities so that we can rely on our own experts in as many stages as possible.


A little time and patience is needed before the tool is ready- making an injection moulding tool from steel is much more time consuming than creating a aluminium tool for thermoforming component holders.


Once the tool is made it is put in the machine for the production of the first model.  A few alterations may need to be made but once these are completed and the tool is released mass production can begin.


Series production


Containers, component holders or pallets are automatically taken off the machine, stacked and packed and shipped. 



Injection moulding