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ALC & Space Saving Containers

Maximise you storage and transport space with Utz group’s wide variety of space saving containers.

The space saving range includes ALC’s, foldable and collapsible boxes, stack/ nest containers and Nestable boxes.

The diversity of these containers means that there is a suitable solution for every industry.


ALC (Attached Lid Containers)

Mainly used in the retail industry these attached lid containers are an ideal solution for saving space as they can be stacked neatly on top of each other when full and nested inside one another when empty.


Foldable Containers

There are a number of different versions of the Utz foldable boxes. With a variety of different locking mechanisms and a choice between several lid options there is a suitable solution for an application.

When empty the side walls of these containers can be folded down to reduce the box by up to 25% of their original size.  

Collapsible Containers

These collapsible boxes can be reduced by up to 20% of their original size. They are collapsed by opening the spring closures, the sidewalls can then be collapsed on top of each other, lying flat on top of the base.


Nestable Containers

Nestable containers by Utz can be stacked on top of each other on either the lid or on bail arms. When the containers are empty the bail arms can be folded back to allow the containers to be nested inside on another. This allows for a significant reduction in space required when transporting and storing goods.


Stack/ Nest Containers

Utz Stack nest containers have been designed so that the can be stacked on top of each other when full and nested when empty. This is possible by rotating the container by 180°.