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Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are large heavy duty containers with a pallet base. This allows for easy manoeuvring on either a pallet truck or a forklift truck. There are a variety of different bases available for pallet boxes including the option for feet, runners or castors.  Depending on the base version some pallet boxes can be stacked on top of each other, allowing for easy storage of goods within warehouses.

There are various lid options also available to suit these pallet boxes. Some pallet boxes are only stackable on the lid.

Printing and labelling are also available on pallet boxes. RFID Trackers are available on request in order to be able to locate any pallet boxes that go missing when distributing goods.


Pallet boxes (PALOXE)

Pallet boxes have the standard dimensions of 1200x1000mm or 1200x800mm. There are various base and lid options for the pallet boxes, including 4 feet, 2 runner, 3 runner or 4 castors.   

Although these pallet containers cannot be collapsed down to reduce space they can be nested in one another to save space, for example one PALOXE pallet container can be tipped on its side placed within another container and then a final container can be placed upside on top of that PALOXE container allowing 3 pallet boxes to be stored in the same space required for one.  

The PALOXE pallet container is suitable for use within the food industry thanks to its high standard of hygiene.


Collapsible pallet boxes (KLAPA)

Collapsible/ foldable pallet boxes are an ideal way to store and transport goods. When empty the side walls of the container can be folded down to significantly reduce the space required.

The sidewalls are easily collapsed by unlocking the lock mechanism to fold the sidewalls down, the long walls can then be folded down in the same way. All the walls lie flat on top of the base of the container.  It is then possible to stack the collapsed containers on top of one another.

In order to gain easy access to the contents of the container, part of the sidewall can be folded down. This is an excellent solution to health and safety procedures as it reduced the risk of injury from reaching over the side of the container.

There are a variety of different base versions available for the collapsible pallet containers, including 3 runner, 5 runner, feet, and castors. There are different ways of stacking the foldable pallet container depending on the base. Some foldable pallet boxes are only stackable on the lid, others can be stacked directly on top of each other.