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Stacking Containers

Within the Utz Stacking containers range there is a materials handling solution for any industry sector. From hygienic containers ideal for the food industry, to EUROTEC automation containers suitable for all conventional conveyor and automation systems used in distribution centres.

In order to make these containers suitable for stacking on top of each other, around the base there is a rim that fits inside and interlocks with the bottom container. This allows for secure and stable stacking of the containers.

The basic dimensions of each range within the stacking container category have been simply designed by dividing the dimensions in half. This means that even when the dimensions aren’t exactly the same they can still be stacked on top of each other. For example two 600x400 mm containers can be stacked on top of one container with the dimensions 800x600 mm.


Stacking Containers RAKO

The diversity of these euro stacking containers makes them a perfect packaging solution for any industry. The sidewalls, base and handles can all be selected from a variety of options to make a number of combinations. Choose between closed, perforated or slotted sidewalls; solid, grated or ribbed bases and shell handles, handle slots or profile handles.


Automation containers

The Utz automation containers have been designed with numerous robot location handling points and with various base options allowing them to be easily integrated within the majority of automated warehousing and distribution systems. As well as being suitable for automatic handling, the different handle variants also make these containers ideal for manual handling.


KLT Containers

There are several variations of the Utz KLT containers, including the R, RL, C, folding and light KLT. All of these small load carriers, designed for the automotive industry, have bases in which have been designed to securely stack on top of each other.  


Medium Containers

The standard dimensions of the medium containers are 1000x600 mm and 600x500 mm. Designed for the automotive industry these containers are practical for any industry that has to store and transport fragile goods. Grooves on the inside of the container allow inserts, for example thermoformed component holders or foam inserts to be attached to the container which help protect goods when transporting.